PV sindhu win a bronze medal in Tokyo Olympic 2020 after losing the semi final

Pv sindhu

PV Sindhu win the bronze medal match with Chinese player He Bingijio At 5:00 PM 1st August 2021 after losing the semi-final. In the score of 21-13 and 21-15 Pv Sindhu lost the semifinal She played the semi-final match with Tai Tzu-Ying The player of Chinese Taipei. in this match, PV Sindhu lost The game … Read more

Deepika kumari lost in Tokyo Olympics 2020 from Korean archer(Individual women’s archery)


Deepika Kumari in Tokyo Olympic She has moved to Tokyo By the reputation of the world’s number one player in the field of archery. She was in very good form in the last few years. so India wants a gold medal from her. Her performance was extraordinary in Tokyo Olympic 2020. Her matches Tokyo 2020 … Read more

Nobel Prize Winners In India 100% Information


Nobel prize winners in India- Swedish and Norway give the noble prize by the name of the great scientist Sir Alfred Nobel on his death anniversary 10th December every year History of Nobel Prize On 27th November 1895, Sir Alfred Nobel signed his last will and give a large part of his property to the … Read more

Which Is Water Soluble Vitamin 100% Information For Best Mark In Exam


we will discuss the vitamin, types of vitamin and which is water soluble vitamin what are vitamins Vitamins are the organic compound, that needs for the growth, health and metabolic process of animals and human beings. Vitamin requires in a very small amount in the body. Most of the vitamins can’t be produced in our … Read more

citizenship of India No1 Article For Best Mark In Exam


In our Constitution article, 5-11 describe the citizenship of India law in the time of independence Citizenship law introduced in 1955 and the amendment in 1957, 1960,1985,9186, 1992, 2003, 2005, 2015, 2019 Article in the Indian constitution(citizenship of India) Now we will discuss the article 5 to 11 in Indian Constitution. Article 5 to 8 … Read more

Fundamental Duties of India Best Article For 100% Mark In Exam


the history of the basic principle and need of the fundamental duties of India 1- If our country provides some fundamental right, our country also wants some fundamental duties from its citizens. The fundamental right and duties are correlated with each other. 2- In our country, fundamental duties are not mandatory. 3- The funder of … Read more

Election System In India 100% Complete Information


Election system in India Every democratic Country conduct an election according to their Constitution at a respective time period. The countries have two or many party system conduct election. And the country has a two-party system to conduct election don’t have any meaning. Because there is one option for their people. Now first we will … Read more

Human Disease And Health(Common Disease)


Common Human Disease And Health we will discuss 10 common disease, their reason and symptoms in the blog 1-Diabetes Mellitus It is a disease caused due to a blood glucose level increase in the body. It is of two types. Type-1:- Diabetes:- It is a chronic condition in the body in which the beta cell … Read more

8 Classical Dance Of India By Natya Shastra And Sangeet-Natak Akademi


We can call the classical dance of India as sastriya nrutya. It is believed that Indian classical dance is 5000 years old. We found the prove from different monument and caves. Proves are in the form of statue and painting. In the Indus valley civilization, we found a dancing girl statue. So it is proof … Read more