Nobel Prize Winners In India 100% Information


Nobel prize winners in India- Swedish and Norway give the noble prize by the name of the great scientist Sir Alfred Nobel on his death anniversary 10th December every year History of Nobel Prize On 27th November 1895, Sir Alfred Nobel signed his last will and give a large part of his property to the … Read more

citizenship of India No1 Article For Best Mark In Exam


In our Constitution article, 5-11 describe the citizenship of India law in the time of independence Citizenship law introduced in 1955 and the amendment in 1957, 1960,1985,9186, 1992, 2003, 2005, 2015, 2019 Article in the Indian constitution(citizenship of India) Now we will discuss the article 5 to 11 in Indian Constitution. Article 5 to 8 … Read more

Fundamental Duties of India Best Article For 100% Mark In Exam


the history of the basic principle and need of the fundamental duties of India 1- If our country provides some fundamental right, our country also wants some fundamental duties from its citizens. The fundamental right and duties are correlated with each other. 2- In our country, fundamental duties are not mandatory. 3- The funder of … Read more

8 Classical Dance Of India By Natya Shastra And Sangeet-Natak Akademi


We can call the classical dance of India as sastriya nrutya. It is believed that Indian classical dance is 5000 years old. We found the prove from different monument and caves. Proves are in the form of statue and painting. In the Indus valley civilization, we found a dancing girl statue. So it is proof … Read more

World Heritage Site In India(51) Notify By UNESCO


In this article, we will discuss all tangible and intangible world heritage site in India UNESCO-United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. So UNESCO promotes and saves education, science and culture. So UNESCO works to save the world heritage site of the world, to save the culture of a society. Benefits of “world heritage status” … Read more

Mountains In The Himalayas


In this article, we will discuss the Mountains In The Himalayas Difference Between Mountain, Hills And Plateau we can divide the earth surface into plane, mountains, hills and plateau. The plane is the same height as the sea level. mountain-it has a conical peak and steep slope and the height is more than 900m above … Read more

10 Secret About The Jagannath Temple At Puri


We will discuss the Jagannath temple at puri 10 facts about the temple. Introduction of Jagannath temple at puri History and mythology Current situation Festival of puri Conclusion 10 facts of Jagannath temple After the death and cremation of Lord Krishna, the heart was safe, also pumping like alive people. It says that the heart … Read more

Best article on Sun Temple At Konark In Odisha


Sun temple at Konark God creature is very strange. Although his creature is very uncanny humans always tried to gain something from nature. God select humans as the best creation, due to this humans receive lessons from nature, and understand the importance of nature and enjoy the beauty of nature. To relax their busy life … Read more

Name Of The Char Dham(India)


We will discuss the name of the Char Dham and the name of the Chota char Dham in Uttarakhand in the Hindu religion which has a great impact on Hindus live. NAME of the Char Dham in Hindu religion Hindus believed that visiting char Dham helps them to achieve moksha. Char Dham in the Hindu … Read more