citizenship of India No1 Article For Best Mark In Exam


In our Constitution article, 5-11 describe the citizenship of India law in the time of independence Citizenship law introduced in 1955 and the amendment in 1957, 1960,1985,9186, 1992, 2003, 2005, 2015, 2019 Article in the Indian constitution(citizenship of India) Now we will discuss the article 5 to 11 in Indian Constitution. Article 5 to 8 … Read more

Best “Essay For Climate Change” For Exam


What is an essay for climate change? Introduction Climate change is the long-term shift in common climate patterns the world over. Since the mid-1800s, people have contributed to the discharge of carbon dioxide and different greenhouse gases into the air. This causes international temperatures to rise, leading to long-term adjustments to the local weather. The … Read more

English Essay On Diwali


Festivals gives society a new excitement, stimulus and consciousness. India is a religious country, so Indians celebrate all festivals in a year. We know that a year has twelve months and we celebrate thirteen festivals in these twelve months. Among all festivals, Diwali is one of them. It is the festival of light. Indians celebrated … Read more

Best Essay On My School For Exam 100% Mark

essay on my school

you are going to read an essay on my school Introduction of Essay On My School Education is an unseen treasure is full of assets like knowledge, which is neither steal nor destroy. It is always with his owner for a lifetime. Human needs five different things in life. Like five basic needs human beings … Read more

Best Essay on Summer Season for Exam 100% Marks


let’s start the Essay on Summer Season Introduction The world is like a stage. Six daughters of nature play their role one after another in that world like a stage. They are Summer, Rainy, Autumn, Dewy, Winter and Spring. Summer is the eldest daughter of nature. She comes to play her role after spring. Also, … Read more

Essay On Air Pollution Best And 100% Marks In Exam


let’s start the essay on air pollution introduction for essay on air pollution   (ESSAY ON AIR POLLUTION)  Air Pollution is the main factor for Climate change like the greenhouse effect,  global warming, ozone depletion & etc. The effect of air pollution is Heart diseases, lungs cancer, respiratory diseases and long term damage to the … Read more