World Heritage Site In India(51) Notify By UNESCO


In this article, we will discuss all tangible and intangible world heritage site in India UNESCO-United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. So UNESCO promotes and saves education, science and culture. So UNESCO works to save the world heritage site of the world, to save the culture of a society. Benefits of “world heritage status” … Read more

Latitude And Longitude For India And World


After reading the article you have a great understanding of the definition of latitude, longitude, GMT, international day line time calculation according to longitude, latitude and longitude for India What is latitude? these are imaginary lines drawn from the east pole to the west pole and parallel to the equator. The equator represents 0-° latitude. … Read more

Mountains In The Himalayas


In this article, we will discuss the Mountains In The Himalayas Difference Between Mountain, Hills And Plateau we can divide the earth surface into plane, mountains, hills and plateau. The plane is the same height as the sea level. mountain-it has a conical peak and steep slope and the height is more than 900m above … Read more