citizenship of India No1 Article For Best Mark In Exam


In our Constitution article, 5-11 describe the citizenship of India law in the time of independence Citizenship law introduced in 1955 and the amendment in 1957, 1960,1985,9186, 1992, 2003, 2005, 2015, 2019 Article in the Indian constitution(citizenship of India) Now we will discuss the article 5 to 11 in Indian Constitution. Article 5 to 8 … Read more

Fundamental Duties of India Best Article For 100% Mark In Exam


the history of the basic principle and need of the fundamental duties of India 1- If our country provides some fundamental right, our country also wants some fundamental duties from its citizens. The fundamental right and duties are correlated with each other. 2- In our country, fundamental duties are not mandatory. 3- The funder of … Read more

Election System In India 100% Complete Information


Election system in India Every democratic Country conduct an election according to their Constitution at a respective time period. The countries have two or many party system conduct election. And the country has a two-party system to conduct election don’t have any meaning. Because there is one option for their people. Now first we will … Read more

By Election In India complete information


By election in India What is By-election in India??? By-poll or by-election means the process of selection of a candidate to state assembly or parliament. After the general election is done. We see a general election every five years. Through this process, the citizen of India elected their member of parliament for Lok sabha and … Read more