Which Is Water Soluble Vitamin 100% Information For Best Mark In Exam


we will discuss the vitamin, types of vitamin and which is water soluble vitamin what are vitamins Vitamins are the organic compound, that needs for the growth, health and metabolic process of animals and human beings. Vitamin requires in a very small amount in the body. Most of the vitamins can’t be produced in our … Read more

Human Disease And Health(Common Disease)


Common Human Disease And Health we will discuss 10 common disease, their reason and symptoms in the blog 1-Diabetes Mellitus It is a disease caused due to a blood glucose level increase in the body. It is of two types. Type-1:- Diabetes:- It is a chronic condition in the body in which the beta cell … Read more

Latitude And Longitude For India And World


After reading the article you have a great understanding of the definition of latitude, longitude, GMT, international day line time calculation according to longitude, latitude and longitude for India What is latitude? these are imaginary lines drawn from the east pole to the west pole and parallel to the equator. The equator represents 0-° latitude. … Read more

Best “Essay For Climate Change” For Exam


What is an essay for climate change? Introduction Climate change is the long-term shift in common climate patterns the world over. Since the mid-1800s, people have contributed to the discharge of carbon dioxide and different greenhouse gases into the air. This causes international temperatures to rise, leading to long-term adjustments to the local weather. The … Read more

Causes Of Global Warming In Atmosphere


The blog describes global warming, its definition, causes of global warming and its effect. it will help full to the reader. What is Global warming? Global warming becomes a global issue in the last few decades. It is nothing but increases in temp of the earth due to increase in greenhouse gases like co2, CH4, … Read more

what are the greenhouse gases (top 10)


This content is focused on mainly what is the greenhouse effect? what are the greenhouse gases? and its effects. What is the greenhouse effect? Solar energy is the primary source of all animals, plants and humans. Utilizing solar energy plants makes their food and other animals such as herbivorous take these plants as their food. … Read more

Photosynthesis Is A Process Used By Plants

photosynthesis is a process

Photosynthesis Is A Process Used By Plants to making food. we will discuss all aspects of photosynthesis  importance of photosynthesis             All animals including humans depend on the plant for their food. photosynthesis is a process by which The plant can make their food by a physiochemical reaction with the … Read more

Best Essay on Summer Season for Exam 100% Marks


let’s start the Essay on Summer Season Introduction The world is like a stage. Six daughters of nature play their role one after another in that world like a stage. They are Summer, Rainy, Autumn, Dewy, Winter and Spring. Summer is the eldest daughter of nature. She comes to play her role after spring. Also, … Read more

What Is Acid rain?

what is acid rain

What Is Acid Rain? Acid rain is any type of precipitation with acidic components or pollutants which are present in the air that falls to the ground from the atmosphere. It is made by an atmospheric pollutant and causes environmental harm. Mainly cause of acid rain is the industrial burning of coal and other fuels, … Read more