Causes Of Global Warming In Atmosphere

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What is Global warming?

Global warming becomes a global issue in the last few decades. It is nothing but increases in temp of the earth due to increase in greenhouse gases like co2, CH4, CFC and N2O etc. In the last few decades, earth average temp increase 6 degrees by every year. This small amount of increase in temp is enough to melt the polar ice caps. This phenomenon is global warming.

global warming and its problem

Due to the melting of the polar ice caps many harmful effects found in the atmosphere. First one is, the seawater level increases because all the water goes to the ocean. The second one is, it affects the weather cycle, which results in a seasonal change. The duration of summer becomes six months and very little rainy and winter season. Another is the Elnino effect. In this effect the temporary increase in surface temp of the ocean near the equator. As the temp of water increase, the near the water got warmer. We know that hot air is lighter and it goes upward which forms a cloud. But the increase in temp of Elnino effect is not enough to melt the water vapour. As a result, the cloud formes without water vapour and no rainfall will occur. So the fluctuation of seasonal change we face every year.


Causes of global warming

There are many other reasons for global warming. These are population increases day by day. All human release CO2 in breathing, which is the most dangerous greenhouse gas. Due to the burning of fossil fuels in industry and vehicles, the amount of CO2 also increases. Other reasons are deforestation, farming and air pollution etc. These result in a very harmful effect on the environment and human.


ITS Effect

There are many harmful effects on global warming. First one is the ozone layer depletion. The substance which is responsible for ozone layer depletion is CFC. These are release from AC, refrigerator and cooler etc. It is a decrease in the thickness of the ozone layer. Due to this, the UV rays from the sun come into the atmosphere which causes the implementation of the corner which is snow blindness. UV rays also damage DNA genetic material and nucleic acid and this results in the mutation and that cause cancer.

How to control it?

To control global warming many steps taken by govt. These are, the vehicles which are more than 20 years old should not be used as they release a great amount of smog into the atmosphere. Some industries banned which release more CO2 into the atmosphere.

Use of CFC is banned in developed countries like America, England etc. since 1987, and India as a developing country it is banned very soon. Forest are protected, stop the unless cutting of trees. Planting of trees in every roadside. They are the step taken by the government to stop global warming. Not only the government people also take responsibility for these global issues.

Global warming not be solved easily, if people are not controlling the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere, obey government rules, stop cutting forest and agricultural management smartly. When all individual change the lifestyle then it can be possible. We must try our best to solve this global issue and strive as much as possible to reinstate our earth for sake of future generations.

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