Deepika kumari lost in Tokyo Olympics 2020 from Korean archer(Individual women’s archery)

Deepika Kumari in Tokyo Olympic

She has moved to Tokyo By the reputation of the world’s number one player in the field of archery. She was in very good form in the last few years. so India wants a gold medal from her. Her performance was extraordinary in Tokyo Olympic 2020.

Her matches Tokyo 2020 Olympic

Fast she won from the Bhutan Archer karma And enter into the Olympic 16 groups qualifier matches.

In the second match, she won From the Australian Archer J. Fernandez and enter into the group of 16

She will play her further female archery individual matches in Tokyo 2020 on 30th July 2021

She enters in the group 8 or quarter final by defeating K.Perova Russian archer

She lost his game from S.AN archer of south Korea.

She also participated in the mixed team in Tokyo 2020 Olympics.


Life history of Deepika Kumari

She was born in Ranchi the capital of Jharkhand on 13th June 1994. Her parents are Shiv Narayan and Gita Mehta. Her father was an auto driver and her mother working as a nurse in Jharkhand Medical College. She had a positive motivation towards the archer From her childhood. She was practising archery by wooden bow and arrow.

Training of Deepika Kumari

Arjun Archery Academy Jharkhand

Deepika Kumari came to know that there is an archery training school Named Arjun archery Academy. this archery was sponsored by the wife of the ex-chief minister of Jharkhand Arjun Munda. They are three Academy provide food and shelter to each athlete. After that, she wants to take permission from her father. but his father denied sending her to the archery school because of their society. But after the support of her mother his father agreed to send him to the earth school. in 2005 Deepika Kumari joined Arjun Archery Academy and started her Training.


Tata sports Academy Jamshedpur

After some years of training, there was a chance in the junior archery competition. in that competition, Deepika Kumari was impressed by Her performance. Dharmendra Sir was also impressed by Deepika Kumari. So he selected Deepika Kumari and Deepika Kumari to move to Tata sports Academy in Jamshedpur for her further training. in this Sports Academy, Dharmendra Sir was the trainer of Deepika Kumari.

Deepika Kumari International carrier in sports

say started her career in the 11th youth world archery championship 2009 which was held in America. In This championship, she got a gold medal for his best performance.

In the 2010 Commonwealth game in Delhi, she got a go medal In Group and single archery competition

In 2010 she got a bronze medal in the Asian game

In 2011 She got the silver medal in the world championship

in 2012 in the archery World Cup, she got the gold medal and also achieve the number one world ranking.

In 2013 she got the gold medal in the Asian championship which was held in Taipei

In 2015 she also got The silver medal in the world championship

This year she got Bros and silver medal in the Asian championship who was held in BangkokIn 2021 in the archery World Cup she got the gold medal in women’s individuals.

sports prizes and national prizes

she was awarded the Arjun award In 2012

in 2014 she was awarded the FICCI Sportsperson of the year award

in 2016 she was awarded the Padmasree award By our ex-president Pranab Mukherjee.

In 2017 she was awarded the young achiever award

Personal life

She was engaged on 10th December 2018 with atanu das. Atanu das is also a sportsperson in the field of archery. they got married on 30th June 2020 with COVID-19 protocol

This article Deepika kumari by shiv Shankar was based on an internet source. We 130 cr. Indian wishes her the best of luck for the r Tokyo Olympics 2020. He hopes she will do her best and our country will get a chance to cheer for her after winning the gold medal.

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