Best “Essay For Climate Change” For Exam

What is an essay for climate change?


Climate change is the long-term shift in common climate patterns the world over. Since the mid-1800s, people have contributed to the discharge of carbon dioxide and different greenhouse gases into the air. This causes international temperatures to rise, leading to long-term adjustments to the local weather. The main reason for climate change is air pollution,  global warming, greenhouse effect, acid rain, Decreasing the air quality, emission of co2 etc. Let’s discuss each topic.

Air pollution

Air Pollution is the main factor for Climate change like the greenhouse effect, global warming, ozone depletion & etc. The effect of air pollution is Heart diseases, lungs cancer, respiratory diseases and long term damage to the brain, kidney and liver and various type of skin disease. It has a bad effect on the environment and our life.

In the last couple of years, pollution has continuously built up. Pollution affects the whole world. It was started in the late 90s.In India trouble is with the increasing pollution and no checks on industrial pollution, localized sources, waste management, and construction industry and transports itself.

Greenhouse gases


Solar energy is the primary source of all animals, plants and human. Utilizing solar energy plant makes their food and other animals such as herbivorous take these plants as their food. Directly or indirectly all animals depend on the sun for their food. On the other hand, by installing solar penal in-home, we reduce our dependence on fossil fuel. It is a renewable source of energy.

When sunlight falls on the earth surface, it gets heated. It is a universal thing that every hot object release infra radiation, so the earth surface emits infra rays. These infra rays are heat-producing agent, and due to these infra rays, the earth atmosphere has a minimum optimizing temperature 15-degree Celsius. If these infra rays are absent then the earth temp becomes -19 degree c, in which animals and plants cannot survive on the earth, because we can survive on the earth for these infra rays and this is called the greenhouse effect.

Global warming


Global warming becomes a global issue in the last few decades. It is nothing but increases in temp of the earth due to an increase in greenhouse gases like co2, CH4, CFC and N2O etc. In the last few decades, the earth averages temp increase of 6 degrees by every year. This small amount of increase in temp is enough to melt the polar ice caps. This phenomenon is global warming.

Due to the melting of the polar ice caps many harmful effects are found in the atmosphere. The first one is, the seawater level increases because all the water goes to the ocean. The second one is, it affects the weather cycle, which results in a seasonal change. The duration of summer becomes six months and very little rainy and winter season. Another is the Elnino effect. In this effect the temporary increase in surface temp of the ocean near the equator. As the temp of the water increase, the near the water got warmer. We know that hot air is lighter and it goes upward which forms a cloud. But the increase in temp of the Elnino effect is not enough to melt the water vapour. As a result, the cloud forms without water vapour and no rainfall will occur. So the fluctuation of seasonal change we face every year.

what is the essay for climate change effect?


It causes many climate changes like a lake of rainfall, an increase in heat in the atmosphere. It has several effects like cyclone, drought, flood etc. we have seen that India affected by 2 to 3 cycle every year it is because of climate change.

Control- essay for climate change and its effect

to control climate change we have to control the causes of climate change. We should aware of air pollution, the greenhouse effect, global warming etc. to control climate change we have to control the causes of climate change. We should aware of air pollution, the greenhouse effect, global warming etc.

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