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          Mahatma Gandhi is a big name, emotion, national respect for every Indian citizen. He is popularly known as the father of the nation and a great freedom fighter for our nation. His full name is Mohan dash, Karam Chand Gandhi. He is an Indian lawyer, anti-colonial nationalist, and political ethicist for Indians. He did some very powerful movements against the British govt. for Indian freedom.

Early childhood

He was born in Porbandar, Gujarat India on 2nd cot 1869. His father was Karamchand Gandhi (known as Kaba Gandhi) and his mother was Putlibai Gandhi. He was the youngest child in between 4 siblings of his parents who completed his education from the Alfred high school in Rajkot in 1987. Then he completed his law and become a lawyer in London.


Professional life and rising freedom fighter

        After completed his study in London, he started working as a lawyer in Bombay high court. So Gandhiji was a lawyer in his profession. In that time he went to South Africa as a lawyer representative of an Indian Muslim named Dada Abdulla. He was to work in South Africa for 12 months. An incident in South Africa made Gandhiji a freedom fighter. one-day Gandhiji wanted to go somewhere by train. So he booked his ticket in the first-class compartment. But when he in the first-class compartment a white person called a white policeman or officials ordered Gandhi to remove himself from the compartment. we did not allow the coolies (the racist term for Indians) and black people to the first-class compartment. But Gandhi refused to leave the compartment so the officer pushed him out of the train.


The freedom movement of Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhiji returned to India on 9th Jan-1915. Gandhiji accepted Gopal Chandra Gokhale as his political teacher. Firstly Gandhi visited many places in India to understand the political and cultural situation of India. Rabindranath Tagore the only Nobel prize winner in literature gave him the title “Mahatma” for his great opinion in South Africa. In 1916 mahatma Gandhi situated the Sabarmati ashram on the bank of the Sabarmati river and give the lesion of truth, honesty and non-violence. Then he started his freedom fight for India his main weapon was non-violence, non-cooperation and satyagraha.

Champaran AND KHEDA satyagraha

                His first freedom movement against British rule was Champaran satyagraha in 1917. The movement is the Indian first disobedience movement. The satyagraha gave a boost to the Indian people to raise their voices against the injustice done by British rule. It was the first successful movement 0f Mahatma Gandhi. In 1918 mahatma Gandhi started another satyagraha against the govt. for the injustice of the farmers in kheda Dist Gujarat.

non-cooperation movement

His first movement at the national level of India was the non-cooperation movement. In this movement, all Indians participated at a national level. The effect of this movement was shown in every state and part of India. This movement objective was not too cooperative with the British ruler. The satyagraha made a base for the upcoming movement by the Indian people.

civil disobedience movement

Then the next movement was the civil disobedience movement which takes India closer to Indian independence. Gandhiji launched the civil disobedience movement On the national level in 1930 and the movement had a great impact on the Indian freedom fight. Dandi March was a famous incident of the civil disobedience movement by Mahatma Gandhi. In Dandi March Mahatma Gandhi started his journey with 78 members on 12th march 1930 from Sabarmati ashram to Dandi (a village in Gujarat located on the coast of the Arabian sea). salt March was its other name. Then He reached Dandi on 6th April 1930 and break the salt law.

Quit India movement.

          Gandhiji launched the quit India movement(also known as the august movement) on 9th August 1942. The Bombay session of the Indian national congress demanding an end of the British rule in India in the time of world war II. It had a great impact on the freedom fight and a harmful impact on the British government. Finally, we got our independence on 15th Aug 1947.



Mahatma Gandhi the father of the nation, the proud of India and the backbone of the Indian freedom fight was assassinated on 30 Jan 1948. In the compound of Birla House in Delhi. His assassin was Nathuram Godse. It was a huge loss for mother India. royal steps are his memorial (bank of the Yamuna in Delhi). A place where one of the great sons of mother India sleeps as a witness of India freedom fight.

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