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Introduction of Essay On My School

Education is an unseen treasure is full of assets like knowledge, which is neither steal nor destroy. It is always with his owner for a lifetime. Human needs five different things in life. Like five basic needs human beings requires education as it helps like a weapon to survive in society. We can’t imagine our life without education.

essay on my school

Why education is important

When a baby born its life passes through two types of educational temples. One is home and another is school. Firstly education starts at home where the first teachers are parents. But no one can deny that the stone of education is nurtured at school where a student can set a goal, modify behaviour and develop the level of thinking. So in society school is the man making plant and teachers are the greenskeepers of this education garden who looks after the students like saplings.

My school

I read in a govt. the school which is 3km distance from my home. About five acres area covered by our school. There is a secure union wall around the school. To enter into our school three main gates are present; two gates are in front of the main building and third at the backside of the building.

Structure of my school

My school building is a big two-storey building. The students from class vi to class x comes to our school. The main building contains a Headmaster room, the staff common room and the office of the clerical staff. There is a big assembly hall also present.

essay on my school


It also contains 10 classrooms. There are 8 rooms in the rear portion of the main building and also a big hall for co-curricular activities. Out of them, some are used for laboratory, some are for the library and some are NCC rooms. Our school also contain computer classrooms, which provides computer education to students.

System of my school

All the rooms in our school are well supported electric system and also airy with big windows. Each classroom is furnished with a desk and benches and a large blackboard is fixed on the wall, the projector system is also present in our school. Besides these, our classroom walls are covered with motivating lines and educational quotes. The entire school is a completely clean atmosphere which gives a positive impression to our students and also calm and quiets their mind.

essay on my school

Beauty and facility of my school

There are a beautiful garden and two grass lawns present in front of our school building. In the backside, a big playground present, various type of fruits and flowers which step up the glamour of our school. In the school playground, we play outdoor games like; football, volleyball, cricket and hockey.

Achievement of our school

Our school won prizes in the district and state-level sports events. It has several prizes in the science and math exhibition. Our students get the national champion in the science exhibition. the library contains many valuable books like novels, storybooks and various type of newspapers. teachers of our school take us on educational tours and picnics every year.

Teachers of our school

Our headmaster is a highly qualified and strict person. He is also an honest, urbane and discipline person. He always exhorts us to glow the future and be a good human being in society. All the other teachers in our school are also highly qualified. Their teaching process and guidance helps the student to be a topper in the annual examination.

Conclusion for Essay on my school

The beautiful and clean study atmosphere, outstanding academic result, fascinate the scholars from different parts to take admission in our school. Our teachers always motivate that if we are not willing to learn then no one can help us but if we determine to learn then no one can stop us, no one can traverse in the way to success. So I always feel proud and thanks for my fortune to being a student of this school.

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