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The world is like a stage. Six daughters of nature play their role one after another in that world like a stage. They are Summer, Rainy, Autumn, Dewy, Winter and Spring. Summer is the eldest daughter of nature. She comes to play her role after spring. Also, before rainy. Extreme heat, as well as the dry wind, are her companions.


Although India is a hot country, the maximum time it is hot and dry. The Summer season is the hottest one of the year. In India, it starts in April and continues up to August.

The scientific reason for the summer season

The earth axis bends by 23.5 degrees from the plane of its orbit towards the east direction. As a result, the sunlight falls directly in a different part of the earth at a different time of the year. In the time of summer the earth in the west side of its orbit so the bent part of the earth is in front of the sun. as a result sunlight falls on the tropic of cancer (23.5 degrees north). For this reason, the countries in the north part get more light than other time. Since the days are long. Plus, on the other hand, nights a short in the summer season. Tropic of Cancer passes through India. As a result, India feels the summer.



During summer days are longer than the nights. From early morning to late afternoon the sun pours its scorching rays on the earth. A hot and dusty wind blows at noon. In the night as well as the morning are cool and pleasant.


It is the worst time for men and animals. At mid-day, no one can rest. So we use wet clothes and fans but the animals take shelter in a shady place. Even aquatic animals suffer a lot. Moreover, most of them lose their life. Thus Summer is great enemies to the poor, Sick and old men some of them are suffered. Plus lost their lives due to sun-stroke.


It is a time of hard work for farmers as it is the ploughing and sowing time. They plough their field and saw seed during that season.


Many kinds of fruits and flowers are evaluable in this season. Among the fruits, the Mangoes, Jack fruits, the pineapple are best as well as among the flowers Tulips, Jasmine, and Champak are the most popular. Nature becomes charming and sweet-scented with these fruits and flowers.


It has some important festivals like Buddha Purnima, Akhaytrutia. Buddha Purnima is celebrated on the day of Buddha’s birth and death. So all the Buddhist observe it with great pomp and splendour. Other festivals in India are below. Gangaur (Rajasthan), Baisakhi(Punjab), Chithirai(Tamilnadu), Moastu(Nagaland), Mount Abu Summer(Rajasthan), Ooty Flower(Tamilnadu), Shimla Summer(Himachal Pradesh), Bhumchu(Sikkim), Hemis(Ladakh), Yercaud Summer Festival.

BLESSING of Essay on Summer Season

Even the dares cloud has a silver lining. The water of the seas and oceans is evaporated by the heat of the sun. As a result, Clouds are formed and cause rainfall. But for this season their cloud is no rain, no water and no life. So it is our best friend for its contribution.

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Essay on Summer Season

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