10 Secret About The Jagannath Temple At Puri

  • We will discuss the Jagannath temple at puri
  1. 10 facts about the temple.
  2. Introduction of Jagannath temple at puri
  3. History and mythology
  4. Current situation
  5. Festival of puri
  6. Conclusion

10 fact of Jagannath temple

  1. After the death and cremation of Lord Krishna, the heart was safe, also pumping like alive people. It says that the heart is situated in the lord Jagannath idols.
  2. After every 12 years, all three idols of God are changed into new idols.
  3. The king of puri sweeping the three carts with the golden stick in every Rath yatra.
  4. After entering the temple we can’t listen to the outside noise. the maghanada wall stopped the noise.
  5. Birds don’t fly above the Jagannath temple at puri and also helicopters and plain can’t fly above the temple.
  6. The main temple shadow doesn’t fall on the ground.
  7. The flag of the temple changes every day. Mythology says that if the work was not done then the temple will be closed for 18 years.
  8. The nilachakra of Jagannath temple looks round in every position and direction of the temple.
  9. The prasad of the temple never short for the devotees.
  10. The food of the temple prepared in the traditional way. Seven pots put above each other and start cocking. But strangely the top pot first prepares the food.
  11.  The flag at the Jagannath temple flies opposite direction of the wind every time.



Introduction of Jagannath temple at puri

Jagannath temple at puri is the respect and a reflection of Hindu culture, religion. it is one of the temples in char Dham. In Jagannath temple, devotees worship lord Jagannath, sister Subhadra, elder brother Balaram and Sudarshana. Temple is for only Hindus. It shows the culture, higher building skill and wealth of Odisha and India.

History and mythology

The temple made under the Ganga Dynasty. King Chodaganga Dev started the construction and Later Anangabhima Deva completed the construction in 1174 A.D. The mythology says the God artist Biswakarma made the idol of three Gods and Sudarshan chakra of Jagannath temple.

Mythology also says –in the time of construction of idols the God artist made a condition with the king that after 21 days the construction will complete before the time period don’t open the door of the temple. But on the 14th day, the king did not get any sound from the temple so he opened the door and the Biswakarma closed the construction. so, lords Jagannath, Balaram, Subhadra don’t have hand and leg.


The current situation

Firstly the central and state govt. take several steps to conserve and development of the Indian heritage site. The temple colour changed in modern ways like the colour golden, white, temple’s natural colour and etc. currently state govt controls all types of situation . in present the king of puri is Gajapati Maharaja Dibyasingha deva IV. The surrounding also developed. Govt. gives focus to developed to attracts the tourist.


Festival of Jagannath temple at puri

The Jagannath temple observes all types of Hindu and Odia festival like Rakhya Bandhan, akhya trutia etc. temple observed some special festival of its own like sanna Jatra, Ratha yatra, bahuda yatar, suna besa, various type of besa of lords in several type period of years and etc. Ratha yatra is the main festival of the Jagannath temple at Puri.

Ratha yatra


Additionally, It has a great traditional value in Hindu religion and Odia culture. In Ratha yatra, the 4 Gods of the temple go to gundicha mandir by decorated the temple’s cars. Gundicha mandir considers as the birthplace of lord Jagannath, sister Subhadra, elder brother Balaram and Sudarshan. In Ratha yatra gods go to gundicha temple for 9 days and come back to temple by the same temple’s cars and the festival named as Bahuda yatra.


The Jagannath temple at puri shows the higher knowledge and skill of Odisha. It has some special festival and some special tradition. In this blog, we read about the past, present and future and also the historical, cultural, functional value of the temple.




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