Latitude And Longitude For India And World

After reading the article you have a great understanding of the definition of latitude, longitude, GMT, international day line time calculation according to longitude, latitude and longitude for India

What is latitude?

these are imaginary lines drawn from the east pole to the west pole and parallel to the equator. The equator represents 0-° latitude. While the south pole is 90°s south. And the north pole is 90°s north. The equator divides the earth into the south and north hemisphere.

Some important latitude-

0°- Equator

23°5′ south- Tropic of cancer

23°5′ north- Tropic of Capricorn

66°5′ south-  Arctic circle

66°5′ north- Antarctic circle


There is a total of 181 latitudes. There are 90 south latitudes, 90 north latitudes and one equator in 0°s. All latitudes are parallel to the equator. Each latitude is a circle but not equal to the other. The circle become smaller towards the poles. The Equator is the greatest latitude.

The distances between two parallel latitudes is=111km

The calculation is- Circumference of  earth/number of latitude

= 2 × π × r/2×181



Use of latitude

the season difference between the two hemispheres is decided by the latitude. The temperature difference of places on earth is due to the altitude difference. Season in every year changed due to latitude.

What is longitude?

these are the imaginary line drawn from the north to the south pole. These are the series of semi-circles drawn through the equator. We also call them meridian.

It goes decreases The distance between two longitudes by moving towards the poles. In the equator one°=111km. there are 360 meridian or longitude. The prime meridian is longitude 0° and the 180 meridians present opposite to each other. And they divide the earth into the east and west hemisphere.


Use of longitude

the earth revolves around its axis in 24 hours. We can say the whole earth or 360 longitudes complete their rotation in 24 hours. It means each 15°s complete in 1 hour. Or each° represents 4 mins. Every 1° difference in longitude means a difference of  4 mins.


Longitude and time

The prime meridian or 0° longitude is the meantime of the world. It is also known as Greenwich mean time(GTM). It passes through Greenwich which is in England. The place that has east longitude is gain time according to their longitude. And the place that has west longitude are lost time.

For example- if a place longitude is 60° east

Then the time of the place is –


60° =4×60=240 min or 4 hour

So the time is +4hour from GMT.

Ex-2  if a place longitude is 40° west

Then the time of the place is – 1°=4min

40° =4×40=160 min or 2 hours and 40min

So the time is -2hour 40 min from GMT.

International day line

We call 180° longitude as international day line. It means the place present in the eastern hemisphere and closer to 180 latitudes will start a new day first. And the other place in the west direction to that place will start the day late. If we move to the east and cross the international day line then we get one day. If we go in the west direction and cross the international day line then we lose a day. The imaginary line is drawn in the pacific ocean. Because if the line is drawn in between a country then the country in two hemispheres. And the country has two dates at one time.

Latitude and longitude for India

India is present in the north-east hemisphere. so we will discuss the latitude and longitude for India

What is India’s latitude? 

India’s latitude is 8°4’N to 37°6’N. It means the north part of India is Ladakh. Its latitude coordinate is 8°4’N. the southernmost part is Indira point in Great Nicobar Island.  Its latitude coordinate is 37°6’N.

Tropic of cancer in India

The line tropic of cancer passes through India. The lines latitude is 23°5’N. it passes through Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Tripura, Mizoram.  

what is India’s longitude? (latitude and longitude for India)

India’s longitude is 68°7’E and 97°25’E. It means the eastern part of India in Arunachal Pradesh. Its longitude coordinate is 68°7’E. It means the southern part of India is Gujarat. Its longitude coordinate is 97°25’E.


what is the Indian timezone and how to calculate

The difference between east longitude 97°25’E and west longitude 68°7’E is 29.6. So the time difference is approximately 2 hours between Arunachal Pradesh and Gujarat. If we provide the time zone to state according to their longitude then the administration is difficult or complicated. So we decided on the middle longitude as our time zone.

So our time zone’s longitude is=

(97°25’E+68°7’E) ×2



Our time zone or longitude 82°5’E passes through Prayagraj or Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh. So we can say the sun rises 1 hour earlier in Arunachal Pradesh and 1 hour late in Gujarat according to our time zone.

It is all about the latitude and longitude of India. If you have any questions about the article you can ask in the comment section below. and also give your feedback in the comment section.


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