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In this article, we will discuss the Mountains In The Himalayas

Difference Between Mountain, Hills And Plateau

we can divide the earth surface into plane, mountains, hills and plateau. The plane is the same height as the sea level.

mountain-it has a conical peak and steep slope and the height is more than 900m above sea level.

Hill-its height is between 300-900m, dome-shaped, formed by the side mountain.

Plateau-its height is under 600m. it located on the base of a mountain. It is the best place for human in between the mountain, hills and plateau.


Type Of Mountain In The World.

we see there are 3 types of mountains are found they are fold, block and volcanic mountain. We will discuss them one by one in the bellow.

Fold mountain-we known that e Himalayan earth has some tectonic plate. The folding mountain created when two tectonic plates overlap each other. So the middle areas height increases by centuries. Some time we divided the fold mountain into new and old fold mountain.

1.Old fold mountain– it is the mountain which created In the long past and now the formation of mountain stoped. Example-Aravali, Ural mountain

2.New fold mountain– the tectonic plates continue the overlap and the mountain formation is continue till the time. Like – the Andes, Rockies, Himalayas, etc

Block mountain– it forms due to the cracks in the earth crust. When the forced applies in the crust the middle part can go upward or can go downward. When the middle part goes upward. it forms the mountain and the adjacent part forms the rift and vice-versa. Example- Satpura and Vindhya in India.

Volcanic mountain– the height of the volcano increases due to volcanic activities and forms the mountain. example- mt. fuji In japan.


Type Of Mountain In The Himalayas

The Himalayan mountain is an example of a fold is the young mountain in the world. It created by the overlapping of the Indian plate and Eurasian plate. The tectonic plate continues overlapping. So the Himalayas formation is not complete till now.

Its length is 2400km. it lies between the Nanga Parbat in Kashmir to Namcha Barua in Tibet. We have divided the Mountain In The Himalayas into three-part. They are grater(himadri), middle(lesser), outer(Shivalik) Himalayas. We will discuss each of them in the bellow.

Grater Himalayas in Mountains In The Himalayas

it is the highest part of the mountain. It is also called Himadri. Because it permanently covered by the snow. It id the north most part of the Himalayan range.

Its average height is 6100m above sea level. Here we found some highest peak of the word they are mt. Everest(highest), mt. Kanchenjunga(3rd highest), mt. Makalu(5th highest).


Middle Himalayas in Mountains In The Himalayas

it is less in height than the Himadri. It is a discontinuous range. Its average height is 3700 to 4500m above sea level.

Some important ranges of the middle Himalayas

Pir panjal in Kashmir, Dhauladhar in Himachal Pradesh, Mahabharat In Nepal and Darjeeling rang in west Bengal.

Outer Himalayas in Mountains In The Himalayas

it is the outermost ranges of the mountain. It extended from Jammu to Assam. Its average height is 900 to 1100m above sea level.

some name of Shivalik’s ranges or hills

Jammuhills in Jammu region

Dalfa, Miri, Abro- Arunachal Pradesh

Dhang Range- Uttarkhand

Churia ghat- Nepal



Which five mountains are part of the Himalayas?

Height Mountains Peaks of world

In this part, we will discuss the heights 5 peaks of the world according to their height.


  1. Mt. Everest– its height is 8, is the highest peak in the world and the Himalayan mountain ranges. It is on the border of Nepal and China.
  2. Mt. K2– its height is 8,611m. it is not in the Himalayan mountain ranges. K2 is in Karakoram Mountain. It is the 2nd highest peak in the world and the highest peak of the Karakoram mountain. It is in India( the disputed area of India and Pakistan)
  3. Mt. Kanchenjunga-its height is 8586m. it is the 3rd highest peak in the world. But it is the 2nd highest peak of the Himalayan mountains. It is on India and Nepal border.
  4. Mt. Lhots– its height is 8516m. it is the 4th highest peak in the world. But it is the 3rd highest peak of the Himalayan mountains. It is on the Nepal and China border.
  5. Mt. Makalu– its height is 8485m. it is the 5th highest peak in the world. But it is the 4th highest peak of the Himalayan mountains. It is on the Nepal and China border.


It is all about the mountains in the Himalayas. If you have any doubt then you can ask in the comment and also provide feedback about the article in the comment section below.

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