The Aim Of My Life Essay Best And 100% Mark In Exam

Introduction of the aim of my life essay

What is an aim 

There is a proverb-“Where there is life, there is hope”. An aim is a higher hope for the future. One may have an aim to become a doctor or an engineer or a teacher or an advocate or a soldier or a farmer or a scientist. The aim of mother Teresa was to serve the suffering humanity. Napoleon wanted to be a great general. So each and every person has an aim in life because aimless life is like a rudderless boat.

What is the aim of my life?

The Aim Of My Life Essay

Now I am a student.  My future is dark. The world is changing rapidly. So it is difficult to decide at present what I shall do in my future but my father wants to be a doctor. As he is my best well-wisher, I accept his view in good faith. So my aim in life is to be a noble doctor.

Why do I prefer as the aim of my life?

I know “Service to mankind is service to God”. So I want to dedicate myself for the service of suffering humanity as I know a man who serves the poor will remain immortal forever.

What is my effort for the future?

The Aim Of My Life Essay

Standing at the footboys, It is said, “If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride them”. So in order to fulfil my desire, I am to try my best. As the poet says.

“Standing at the footboys,

Looking at the high,

How can you get up the child?

If you never try”.

I am preparing my lesson with my heart and soul. I am emphasis on Mathematics as well as Science. As I know from my father without the knowledge of these subjects I can’t be a doctor. Besides, I am developing a habit of serving the sick and ailing.

the need for a doctor in my country

A poor country like India is a house of many diseases. So the need for doctors is very important. It is the profession of service and sacrifice. The doctor should have love as well as sympathy for his patients. It is said that a doctor is not a doctor if he is not sincere and dutiful. Otherwise, he can’t be an ideal doctor.

Conclusion of the aim of my life essay

I pray to God as long as I breathe His air, it His food and drinks His water I must dedicate myself for the best service to Himself and His creation.

it is all about the aim of my life essay


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