what are the greenhouse gases (top 10) in atmosphere

This content is focused on mainly what is the greenhouse effect? what are the greenhouse gases? and its effects.

What is the greenhouse effect?

Solar energy is the primary source of all animals, plants and human. Utilizing solar energy plant makes their food and other animals such as herbivorous take these plants as their food. Directly or indirectly all animals depend on the sun for their food. On the other hand, by installing solar panels in-home, we reduce our dependence on fossil fuel. It is a renewable source of energy.


When sunlight falls on the earth surface, it gets heated. It is a universal thing that every hot object release infra radiation, so the earth surface emits infra rays. These infra rays are heat-producing agent, and due to these infra rays, earth atmosphere has minimum optimizing temperature 15-degree Celsius. If these infra rays are absent then the earth temp becomes -19 degree c, in which animals and plants cannot survive in the earth, because we can survive in the earth for these infra rays and this is called the greenhouse effect.

What are the greenhouse gases?

In the earth surface, there are some gases which are responsible for trap these infra rays into the atmosphere. These gases are called greenhouse gases. Example of some greenhouse gases is CO2, CH4, CFC and NO2. Out of these gases, CO2 and CH4 are the main sources of greenhouse effect because they trap maximum infra rays in our atmosphere. The percentage that they trap infra rays about 60% of infra rays can trap by CO2, 20% by CH4, 14% by CFC, and 6% by NO2.

How do greenhouse gases increase in the atmosphere?

If the amount of CO2 increases beyond its normal concentration, then the earth temp become increases because basically, the greenhouse gases increase. Due to human day to day activities, it increases. Human lifestyle develops day by day. To maintain his luxurious lifestyle they use AC, refrigerator and cooler etc, which are releasing a large amount of CFC into the atmosphere.

Another region is the burning of fossil fuels to produce electricity in a power station. These power stations release a large amount of co2 and so2 into the atmosphere, which is the main source of greenhouse gas.

Next region is deforestation. Human destroys the forest for industrialization and forming farms for yielding crops. Trees are the main source which takes co2 for their food preparation. Due to loss of tree co2 in the atmosphere become increases and the atmosphere got warmer day by day.

Effect of greenhouse gases

Harmful effects of greenhouse gases are ozone layer depletion, global warming and acid rain etc. In the last few decades, the percentage of greenhouse gases increases day by day. The greenhouse effect is important for human life, without the greenhouse effect atmosphere become freeze. But due to a large number of greenhouse gases we face many serious types of disease.

Preventive of the greenhouse effect.

To control those gases we take several steps. The most important thing is control of cutting trees, use fewer amounts of AC and refrigerators, drive less and drive smartly, use the non-smog product and control the burning of fossil fuels etc. Nowadays the greenhouse effect becomes a global issue, but we should take an oath to maintain greenhouse gases and make o safety earth.

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