What Is Acid rain?

What Is Acid Rain?

Acid rain is any type of precipitation with acidic components or pollutants which are present in the air that falls to the ground from the atmosphere. It is made by an atmospheric pollutant and causes environmental harm. Mainly cause of acid rain is the industrial burning of coal and other fuels, the gases which contain sulphur and nitrogen oxides combine with atmospheric rainwater and form acid rain. Acid rain of two types

I.wet deposition  II.dry deposition

I.wet deposition:- this type of acid rain includes rain, fog and snow.

II.dry deposition:-this is another form of acid rain, and this is when gases and dust particles become acidic.

The substance whose PH value is between 1 to 7 are called acid and in between 7 to 14 called base. Normal rainwater is also acidic whose ph value is 6.

what is acid rain

Causes of acid rain

Its causes are of two types of human activities and natural causes.

Human causes.

Human causes are mainly due to the air pollution gases by the human.

Emission from vehicles, industrial pollution, dust storms, bush fire, the contribution of fossil fuels, dust and dirt contributes to a large part of the air pollution (mainly in Diwali) CO2(Carbon dioxide) NO2 (NITROGEN DIOXIDE) NO(NITROGEN MONOXIDE ), SO2(SULPHER DIOXIDE), PL (LEAD) are the main responsible gases for air pollution and also acid rain.

Let’s discuss the source of these gases

CO2(Carbon dioxide): It is mainly produced by vehicles, burning of fuels that contains carbon and burning of coal. It is necessary to support our life system of the earth. but when it’s the percentage increase in the atmosphere it is very dangerous for our life system of the earth.


The gas is produced by burning fuel, vehicle exhausts, industrial pollutants, power plants and gas stovetops.


It is produced by the incomplete burning of the carbon from vehicles, industry and other sources of the carbon.


The gas is produced by the burning of sulphur-containing fuels, power plants and the refineries

Natural causes.

The volcanic irruption and the forest on fire due to the high temperature increase the air pollution level and acid rain.

Chemical combination of acid rain.

Mainly non-metals are acidic in nature. so the non-metal gases responsible for acid rain like gases CO2, SO2, NO2 etc. let’s discuss the chemical combination of acid rain concerning the gases.

CO2(Carbon dioxide): in CO2 the carbon is a non-metallic gas. Its nature is acidic. when the CO2 react with the water(H2O) which is present in the atmosphere in the form of rain and produced the HCO3.

CO2 + H2O = HCO3

SO2(SULPHUR DIOXIDE): In SO2 the sulphur is a non-metallic gas. Its nature is acidic. When the SO2 reacts Oxygen and produced SO3. And when SO3 react with the water(H2O) which is present in the atmosphere in the form of rain and produced the H2SO4.

SO2 + O2=SO3


NO2 (NITROGEN DIOXIDE): In NO2 the nitrogen is a non-metallic gas. Its nature is acidic. when the NO2 react with the water(H2O) which is present in the atmosphere in the form of rain and produced the HNO3.


Effect of acid rain.

acid rain is caused by climate change and it caused climate change. It has dangerous effects on our life system plants, aquatic animals, big stricter and monuments.

what is acid rain

Effect on human

It acidifies our nervous system, respiratory system and digestive system. Acid contaminates potable water and enters a man’s body. It can cause skin cancer in humans. it also causes some common diseases.

Effect of acid rain on aquatic animals.

When acid rain goes to the lake, river-like water system it acidifies the water system and the water becomes acidic and toxic. So the aquatic anima dies in water. And it has a bad effect on the food chain of aquatic animals. the aquatic animal having shells which are made of calcium carbonate are loses their shells and died in the water.

Effect of acid rain on buildings and monuments.

It causes extensive damage to buildings, the monument with the structure of marble, limestone etc. the attack of acid in marble called stone leprosy. We can see its effect on Tajmahal’s white marble. Due to the rain, the marble colour changes into brown and it is known as marble cancer.



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What Is Acid Rain?

What Is Acid Rain?





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